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Saint Francis High School

13440 Cogburn Road

Milton, GA 30004

Saint Francis High School - Milton

Our Library's Goals:

  • To provide materials that will enrich and support our school curriculum and mission.

  • To instruct and assist students to become effective users of ideas and informational technology.

  • To encourage students to develop a life-long love of reading and an appreciation of literature.

Responsible Reading Policy

In a library that serves students ranging in ages from 14 to 18/19, a wide variety of materials are needed. Obviously, what is interesting and appropriate for 14-year-olds may not be interesting and/or appropriate for 18/19-year-olds, and vice versa.

When students first visit the library, Ms. Borinski issues her standard advice:

"If you choose a book that makes you uncomfortable

or that would make your parents uncomfortable, return it."

Library Media Specialist

Ms. Melissa Borinski

(678) 339-9989 ext. 29

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